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UK Vanity Publishers Austin Macauley & Pegasus in Horrible Bait-And-Switch

The amazing David Gaughran is on top of the industry, as usual. He has been campaigning against vanity presses and other scams to take advantage of new authors. He's a great champion for us all! I've reblogged his post here, so check... Continue Reading →

How To Build Your Mailing List Quickly

Trying to get people to join your mailing list can be a little tiresome. I've recently stumbled upon a method that has helped me add over 900 subscribers to my list in a little under 3 months. It's inexpensive in... Continue Reading →

Re-Blog: Here’s a Handy Trick If You Use Word by Leah Braemel

Warning Scrivener Users! I had a melt-down-worthy moment with Scrivener recently. (I'm on a PC, by the way.) I just finished composing my entire 113k manuscript for my next novel and Scrivener did some updates to their software. When I... Continue Reading →

The Best Time to Write and Get Ideas, According to Science

Someone in my RAMN (Romance Authors Marketing Network) group posted this article in our Facebook group and I just HAD to reblog it here! I find myself referring other authors to this article often, so I thought it would be... Continue Reading →

Plugin Review: MyMail Newsletter

UPDATE: I still think this is a nice option for authors who have a small mailing list. However, I will caution you that if you're actively building your mailing list - which you should be if you want to make... Continue Reading →

Arial’s Author Toolbox

I've been doing a LOT of reading lately, but not fiction. This year (2015), I've been spending a lot of time honing my craft and doing my best to be a more efficient writer. In addition to that, I've been... Continue Reading →

Indie Authors – Should You Publish Your Books to Audio??

I'm just gonna answer this question right off the bat: YES! Now I'm gonna tell you... Why you SHOULD produce your books to audio. HOW to do it AND how to do it for FREE (or at least no money... Continue Reading →

3 Dangerous Book Marketing Ideas which Drain Your Bank Account items in general... You can put your book cover or author name on anything nowadays and though these items do get a lot of attention (Who doesn't like free stuff, huh?) are they a worthy investment? Are you... Continue Reading →

Ideas for Promoting a Series

As the author of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles, I've run into a few challenges with promoting the other books in my series after Book 1. The biggest challenge has been trying to get people to review the 2nd,... Continue Reading →

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